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Design Concept
Good Quality, High Durability (Long Service Life)
Thanks to stringently selected mechanical parts and sophisticated technique, our products are well known for strong performance and high durability.
High Efficiency
The optimal structure ensures the maximal efficiency of our products. We have researched and developed a wide range of products with optimal structure and configuration for paint and ink production.
Easy to Use
Stable, even dispersion and grinding effects are essential to paint production equipment. Our products are easy to use, significantly reducing your efforts.
Safe production, including fire prevention and explosion prevention, is critical to every chemical enterprise. With quality YB-series flame-proof motor, explosion-proof power distribution cabinet, pressure protection unit, temperature-control protection unit, and oil-free sealing unit, our products maximize the safety of your production.
Cost Effective
In addition to strong mechanical performance, our quality policy always focuses on satisfying your production requirements with cost effective products.
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